Fliteboard Cruiser Jet Front Wings

by Fliteboard

Fliteboard wings are designed specifically for electric hydro-foiling by expert hydrodynamicists. Strong and interchangeable, wings let you customize your ride.

— Most efficient
— Best with Flite Jet
— Beginner friendly
— Early takeoff

The Cruiser Jet range has been optimized for maximum stability and efficiency with Flite Jet. Larger wings allow for earlier foiling at slower speeds. Advanced riders can use extra glide for riding swell.

Cruiser Jet 1500

Great for longer distance adventures or teaching others, thanks to its stability and efficiency. Best for Flite Jet, but also has great efficiency for riding waves.

Cruiser Jet 1800

Our largest, most stable Flite Jet wing. Suits heavier riders and those wanting a more docile ride. Early takeoff and slow to medium cruising. Also offers exceptional glide for riding swell.