Fliteboard Carbon Fliteboard Model E-Foil Package

by Fliteboard

Package Includes:

  • Carbon Board with 29" Mast
  • Explore Battery: Ride up to 150 minutes
  • Fast Charger
  • Prop + Guard: The most powerful and efficient propulsion system. Remove the prop guard for enhanced performance. ***Call to get more info about the Flite Jet Prop***
  • Cruiser 1100 Wing Set: Most popular all purpose wing. ***Call to choose from other options of wing sets***


The best all-rounder for any level of experience and riding style. Short enough for performance with enough volume and stability to support early aquaplaning. 

Maximum rider: 265lb
Weight 42.3lbs + Flitecell

Materials & Finishes

Every design choice is made with performance and durability in mind. Learn more about the premium materials we use to construct our iconic boards.

Fliteboard & PRO Carbon

Fliteboard and PRO Carbon showcase a new refined shape. New deck grips, handles, and anodised latches are color matched to your board. 

Construction of carbon fiber and innegra offers riders the ultimate weight to strength ratio.

Choose from our iconic ash timber or glossy finishes to complete the picture of luxury. PRO Carbon in black now exclusively comes with optional foot straps, previously only available on ULTRA. Board bag included with Carbon option. 

Propeller & Guard

Most popular propulsion, suits most riders.

Our light, fibre-reinforced propeller creates less draw, which improves acceleration, safety and balance, while reducing vibration. Competent riders can remove the prop guard to increase performance and efficiency.