Airhead EZ Ski Trainer LG 5000 Up To 120lbs AHEZ-200 | 2024

by Airhead
  • Engineered for stability while towing (10 mph maximum)
  • Inflated seat for start-ups until ready to stand up
  • EZ Big Ski Trainer PUT THE FUN BACK INTO TEACHING YOUNG SKIERS! A revolutionary inflatable water ski hybrid with integrated wooden water ski trainers and ski bindings. Engineered for stability while towing (10 mph maximum), so your child will feel very secure and enjoy immediate success. Takes the tears, fear and frustration out of teaching new young skiers and replacing it with safety and fun! No more fighting with diving water skis, ski skimmers, bindings, boat wakes or ropes! Children board the EZ SKI right from the swim step or stern of your boat. Children sit comfortably on the inflated seat for start-ups until they're ready to stand up and ski at their own pace. They'll have the time of their lives, while learning to be comfortable with the speed and sensation of water skiing and watersports in general.
  • Supports children up to 120 lbs. 56" L x 35" W