Evercoat Scratch Patch White 0.5oz 105652


    Evercoat Gel Coat Scratch-N-Patch White 1/2 fl. oz. #75-105652

    • Makes easy, permanent, color-matched repairs on hairline cracks, small scratches and chips in gel coat without sanding or using catalyst. Color mistakes can be removed with mineral spirits. Blend for match. Use resin colorant to tint white scratch patch for close match. Repair fiberglass boats, autos, bathtubs, shower stalls and hot tubs. Works on any gel-coated surface. Clear hides scratches on most dark colors. Just clean surface, apply, smooth with plastic tool included, let semi-dry then remove excess. After final drying, wax to smooth into surrounding area. Includes 1/2 fl. oz. liquid patch material, applicator and instructions.