Eight.3 Boost Bags Lead 50lbs. (IN STORE PICK UP ONLY)

by Eight.3

In Store Pick up Only


    Quick and easy weight for anywhere in your boat. Move to balance your weight quickly or to dial in your wake to the finest detail.

    Portable water proof bag to add that extra kick or balance to your wake.

    You know that feeling when the curl is off a little bit for wakeboarding, and you have to reluctantly ask your buddy to move over a just a smidge? Now you don’t have to with our 25 and 50lb Boost Sacs - easily transportable wake balancing alternatives. Just enough weight to combat the dreaded white wash - toss a handful of them inside the gunnel and have an epic size wave without taking up any space. 


    + Sturdy 1000 Denier Nylon Cover + 3 Inside Heavy Duty Vinyl Sacs + 2” Heavy Duty Nylon Strap
+ Weighted With Steel Pellets 


    25lbs / 12” x 9” x 3”
11KG / 30CM X 23CM X 8CM 

    50lbs / 13” x 12” x 3.5” 23KG / 33CM X 30CM X 9CM