O'brien Deep "V" 1-Section Ski Rope | 2021 | Pre-Order

by O'Brien

    Deep-V Ski Combo

    This is a fantastic tool for teaching or assisting anyone struggling to do a deep-water slalom start. While you are in the water, just rest your ski inside the DEEP-V part of the bridle and let the “V” hold the ski straight. As the boat pulls you out of the water, the ski will slip out from under the bridle and you’ll be up and skiing with ease.


    • Makes it easier to learn deep-water starts on a slalom ski
    • Bridle features a DEEP-V section that helps position the ski perfectly for deep-water starts
    • Crossbar on bridle helps keep the ski tip in position and protects against crunched knuckles
    • Vinyl coated bridle protects the rope from ski abrasion
    • 75′ total rope length (includes handle)
    • 12″ wide aluminum-core handle on a 5′ detachable DEEP-V bridle section
    • Top-quality 12 strand, 40 filament Poly-E rope