Cruzer Tube

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  • Deck-style tubes provide the most surface area with a low center of gravity to reduce rolling
  • Tapered front-to-back design stabilizes tube and reduces drag
  • Multi-position riding for all-sized riders
  • Deck-style tubes bounce less than Wing or Doughnut-style tubes
  • Boston valve for easy inflation, and quick Connect tube rope attachment

Connelly Cruzer 3 Tube (2018) CLASSIC DECK TUBE Ride shotgun with your friends and hang on! The Cruzer is a fully covered, 3 rider deck style tube constructed with a tapered front-to-back shape that blends performance and classic design behind the boat. Riders lay flat on their stomach which provides a stable ride with a low center of gravity. Easily climb back aboard with the handy rear-mounted boarding strap.

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