Buffalo Boaters Oil Spill Kit 5 Gal 92003

by Buffalo Rags


Buffalo Rags Boaters Oil Spill Kit #199-92003
  • 1 Kit absorbs up to 5 gallons of oil-based liquids.
  • Absorbs and contains all oil-based fluids: engine oil, fuel, transmission fluid, gasoline, hydraulic oil & kerosene. Compact, portable kit fits in dock lockers and small storage areas. Use for accidental spills or leaks in and around the boat, marina or fuel dock. Recycled polypropylene floats on fresh and salt water, absorbing oil-based liquids without absorbing water. Zippered bag.
  • 15 Heavy-weight, oil-only, bonded, recycled, laminated, 15" x 18" pads
  • 3 Polypropylene 4' containment socks
  • 1 Pair nitrile gloves
  • 1 Disposal bag with instructions