Bill 145

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    Ronix Bill Mute Core Splattered Everything Our best selling blend of boat and park over the past several years got a major overhaul for the enhanced cable performance. The only continuous rocker in our range ws created for faster/smoother take offs from the wake, and longer sessions at the park. We thinned out the board with wood core in it, and then added some spider web secret sauce in the tip, tail and center of the board. The result is an incredible ride with more feel both on the water and on features, and most importantly featuring, our MUTE core, which reduces the noise typically found in a wood core. Size HEIGHT (INCHES) Continuous STANCE (6 inches board/Plate) WEIGHT RANGE (LBS.) 130 2.3 Continuous 21-25 Up to 160 lbs. 135 2.4 Continuous 22-26 Up to 170 LBS. 140 2.5 Continuous 23-27 170 lbs. and up 145 2.6 Continuous 24-28 175 lbs. and up

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