Attwood Tsunami Cartridge Bilge Pump 800gph 4608-7

  • Boaters, boat-builders and dealers all want one thing from their bilge pumps: more power! And that's what the Tsunami Series delivers with high-capacity, high-efficiency output
  • Tsunami cartridge pumps have replaceable / interchangeable motor cores
  • Makes servicing simple and quick

Attwood Tsunami Cartridge Bilge Pump 800gph #23-46087

  • Port: 3/4".
  • Attractively styled, and powered by durable, long-lasting cartridges. Cartridges are replaceable, so boaters can simply remove the cartridge that has become damaged or reached the end of its useful life and insert another. Color coded cartridges can be interchangeable between bilge and aerator pumps.

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