Blue Sea DC Analog Ammeter 0-50A w/Shunt 8022

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Blue Sea DC Analog Ammeter 0-50A With Shunt  #661-8022

  • Meters with backlighting for low light conditions. Can be either surface or panel mount. (Separate 12V or 24V connection required for lighting)
  • Ammeters: All models include either an internal or external shunt as noted.
  • Includes appropriate external DC shunt when required
  • Simple 4 wire connection
  • Backlit meter face (separate 12 or 24V DC backlight connections)
  • Face size: 2-3/4"
  • DIN Meters include a terminal cover included to prevent accidental short circuit
  • DIN Meters are a standard European 72mm design
  • DIN Meter face is white matte with black printed scale and knife-edge pointer