Swap Sale

The Breakdown..

Starting May 5th, 2021 you are allowed to start bringing in your old and used gear. It can be anything boating related: Boards, Life Jackets, Ropes, Ballast Bags, etc. You will bring your old gear down to our shop. Once you get your gear to the shop you will set the price for how much you want to sell it as, it is totally up to you. Then you will leave your gear with us. Nice and easy.

The Sale...

Unlinke other years, this years Swap Sale is only going to be TWO DAYS instead of the whole month. So, all the gear that has been brought down to the shop will be up for grabs MAY 14th & 15th.

So what happens if my gear sells? Whatever price you marked it as, you receive that 100% back in store credit to use on whatever you would like. What if I want to offer a OBO option? Honestly, we don't care how you sell your gear. So, feel free to put next to the price OBO and your phone number that allows customers to call you and try to get a better deal.

What if my gear doesn't sell? If your gear doesn't sell, you have two options. You can come back and pick it up and use it another seasons, or; if your gear stays at our shop past Tuesday, May 18th we will be taking your gear and donating it to a charity.


Questions, Comments, Concerns? Feel free to give us a call @ (801) 973-4017 or feel free to shoot an email to Cate@marine-products.com 

Happy Swap Sale!