We are aware that the season is coming to an end, but there are still a handful of people out there doing some wetsuit riding, and we want to reward them . The MP Mafia Challenge is an all new content competition for Utah Boaters to be apart of. 

How it works: 

You are going to go out and film or photograph whatever you want to fit the themes we have chosen (listed below) You can film all the content on the same day or spread it out (we don't care as long as it is in before the submission date..)

You will then upload your content to the form below by the submission date. 

Then all the content for the set theme will be uploaded to a separate page that will have live voting for two days after the submission date. 

The highest voted video wins and the winner will be announced the following Monday. 
What happens if you win??
First Place: $100
Second Place: $25
Third Place: $25


Want to give it a shot? Below are the requirements to participate


Must be filmed/shot from the date 10/7/20 and onward. No old videos.

Must be filmed/shot in Utah. 

Must be filmed/shot behind a Supra or Moomba (year doesn't matter) 

Must be filmed/shot in 1080x60 (don't forget to check your iPhone setting and turn that phone horizontal) 


Halloween- Costumes? Pumpkins? Ghosts? Whatever means Halloween to you; show in this content.

Halloween Due October 16th. Voting Dates 17th and 18th. Winner Announced Monday the 19th.

Thanksgiving- Pilgrims? Turkeys? We want to see it all!

Thanksgiving Due October 23. Voting Dates 24th and 25th. Winner Announced Monday the 26th. 

Christmas- Come on... let's see who has the best Santa Costume!

Christmas Due November 6th. Voting Dates 7th and 8th. Winner announced Monday the 9th. 

 Comments, questions, concerns?? Email: