Fliteboard Marc Newson E-Foil Package | Pre-Order | Limited Edition!

by Fliteboard
Battery Size

Package Includes:

  • Sizes: MN86 (5'4") or MN60 (4'6")
  • MN Sport or MN Explore Battery
  • Fast Charger
  • True Glide & Flite Jet Prop
  • Cruiser Jet 1500C & MN 1300C Wings
  • MN Flite Controller


Monobloc eFoil

Constructed from high mod pre-preg carbon fiber, this single form eFoil is designed for performance and longevity.

MN Dual Drive

For all conditions, riding preferences and abilities. Dual Drive allows you to change between Flite Jet for safe & smooth riding and True Glide Prop for waves.

Wing sets

Two wing sets to offer you ultimate versatility for use with both the Jet and True Glide propulsion.

  • Cruiser Jet 1500C - Stable with a long glide
  • MN 1300C - The perfect all-rounder

Next generation wings

For speed and smoothness, the hydrodynamic and lightweight titanium nose cone is flush mounted to HMPP carbon fiber wings. Inspired by motorsport aerodynamics, this range signifies the next evolution of performance and durability.

MN Flitecell

  • Sport - Our standard battery for sports enthusiasts wanting an agile, fast ride.
  • Explore - A bigger battery for adventure seekers wanting to go further.

Fast Charger

Charges MN Flitecell Explore in under 2 hours

MN Flite Controller

MN Flite Controller features a color interface with animated real time feedback on a large display, enhancing the original award-winning Flite Controller. Comes with an inductive charging dock.