303 Marine Touchless Sealant 32oz 30398 | 2024

by 303 Products

303 Marine Touchless Sealant 32oz #TOT30398

  • The 303 Touchless Sealant is designed to be an effective alternative to waxing your vehicle. Designed to be effective in both salt and freshwater environments. The Si02 has been modified to be more like a liquefied glass with a hydrophobic component to aid in water repellency and durability. This formula is both biodegradable and marine safe.

  •  303 Touchless Sealant is designed to be effective on gel coat, fiberglass, metal, plastic, and clear vinyl surfaces as well as windshields and wheels.

  • Feature:

    • Made in USA
    • Salt/Freshwater Effective
    • Lasts up to 6 Months
    • Biodegradable & Marine safe 
  • Application Instructions:

    • After Washing your boat and while the surface is still WET and OUT of Direct Sunlight spray a small amount evenly across the surface
    • It is best to work ONE Section at a time using only a light mist of product.
    • Immediately rinse the section off. You will sees water beading on the surface meaning it is now protected
    • Repeat this process across the entirety of the boat and then dry thoroughly with a waffle weave drying or microfiber towel. 
  • Product Application Tips

    • Rinse the product off each section thoroughly immediately after applying product
    • Do NOT let dry on the surface as this may cause water spots
    • If too much product is used and not rinsed off thoroughly this could also lead to water spots and streaks
    • If water spots do occur, rinse the area and dry again