Mission Trident Inflatable SUP


The TRIDENT touring inflatable stand-up paddleboard has incredible design efficiency. Constructed with the highest quality, ultra-light materials, the woven drop-stitch core and touring profile give you the performance needed when you’re looking to go the distance. A fantastic board for workouts. This paddleboard is for those looking for excellent performance with top-tier inflatable construction.


  • TRIDENT Touring iSUP
  • 3-piece adjustable aluminum paddle
  • Fin + two sets of hardware
  • High-pressure manual pump
  • Repair kit (just in case)
  • Backpack storage bag with roller wheels

Inflated Dimensions: 12' x 32" x 5"

Weight: 19.5 lbs.

MSL+ Woven Ultra-Light

The pinnacle of inflatable construction. TRIDENT combines MSL+ and a woven drop-stitch core, giving you the best of the best in rigidity, durability and weight reduction.


Everything's included. Your board, paddle, and pump all fit inside the bag – wheel it for ease or strap it to your back and go!

High-Tech & High Performance

Ultra-lightweight construction and a touring profile creates the perfect balance of practicality and performance.

Pack-up and go.

It’s easier than ever to get out and explore. Incredible durability, weight-conscious materials, and a smart storage bag (that doubles as a backpack) allows you to quickly get out on the water.

Light as a feather. Stiff as a board.

We combined MSL+ construction with a woven drop-stitch core giving the 5” TRIDENT touring iSUP great float and a significant upgrade in rigidity.

Inflate your adventures.

Because it's inflatable, your TRIDENT paddleboard can go anywhere. Your board, fin, collapsible aluminum paddle and high-pressure hand pump all fit into the included storage backpack – making for a quick set-up and take-down.

Made to move.

If you’ve got the need for speed, this is your board. The touring profile and increased rigidity lets the TRIDENT iSUP cut through the water with ease. When you’re pushing it to the limit, try not to smile.