Mission Argo Inflatable SUP


Built and priced for maximum fun, you’re out of excuses with this one. Lightweight and durable, ARGO is designed so you can pack up and go. So, whether you’re looking for a killer full-body workout or just a more active time on the lake, this is your starting point. Let’s go!


  • ARGO (inflatable paddleboard)
  • Aluminum Paddle (3-piece adjustable)
  • High-Pressure Manual Pump (double action)
  • Fin (with an extra set of hardware)
  • Backpack Storage Bag
  • Repair Kit (just in case)

Inflated Dimensions: 11.5’ x 33” x 5”

Weight: 23.3 lbs.

Lightweight MSL Construction

Premium construction is all we do. MSL combined with a knit drop-stitch core keeps AGRO lightweight, yet, incredibly rigid and durable.


Everything's included. Your board, paddle, fin, and pump all fit inside the backpack storage bag – so you'll be ready to go!

Stable and Smooth

A broader nose design gives this paddleboard a boost in stability. At 5" thick, ARGO has great float and glides smoothly through the water.

Wait, it's inflatable?

When inflated, ARGO is firm and rigid – like a paddleboard should be. When deflated, AGRO is convenient and practical – like life should be.

Easier than ever.

Because ARGO is so light, it's a breeze to manage on land. Your board, collapsible paddle, fin, and hand pump, will all fit into the included backpack so you can take ARGO anywhere!

Smooth ride.

Whether it's for a workout or sunset joy ride, AGRO delivers a smooth and stable ride for paddlers of all skill levels.  

The oversized footpad makes for all-day comfort and grip, while the 12” composite fin gives you added stability and improved straight-line tracking.

Better gear. Made to take you there.

Our premium inflatable construction and attention to detail sits above the competition. ARGO is made to stand the test of time, so you can enjoy it for years to come.