Marinco Shorepower EEL Straight Adapter S20-30

by Marinco

    Marinco Shorepower EEL Straight Adapter #69-S2030

    • Female 30amp/125v Locking(Boat)/Male 20amp/125v Straight(Dock).
    • Old #84A.
    • These high-quality, ergonomically designed, one-piece adapters have a built-in LED power indicator, are Marine UL listed and are used much like Pigtail Adapters-however, they do not have sealing collars and are not recommended for use in wet locations. Use only in an enclosed, dry location, such as powering your boat from a 15A power receptacle inside your house. Female connector (boatside) attaches to boat inlet or cordset. Male plug (dockside) attaches to the dockside receptacle or cordset.