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Ronix Wake

Ronix created the first wakeboard in 1990, are independently run, and a couple of their owners can do 1080’s - 1 of them can even do a 1260.  Doesn’t matter to you?  Only 1 factor matters to us since 1979: the quality of the product. 

Ronix pushes the envelope for what is possible by sourcing new memory foam in footwear, or a weave of glass better than anything Massi has ever experienced off the wake. 

Ronix is a company that is surrounded by perfection with products that take longer to make, to be ridden harder, and to last longer. 

Through their search, they truly have created a global company – working with material suppliers in 14 countries across 4 continents.  A more expensive way of doing business for sure, but when you slip into a Ronix custom orthodic fit boots and hit a left hander at the end of the lake we think you’ll know why.