Phase 5 Venom Wakesurf Board

by Phase 5 Wakesurfing
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Phase Five went to work on creating a unique board to satisfy the cravings of those desiring an ocean surfing feel behind the boat. The Venom is designed for aggressive pumping, deep bottom turns, and monstrous pop while retaining the agility of modern competitive wakesurfers. The tapered blunt nose will attack the most vertical wave with ease and provide ample stability when landing revert. The bat tail design generates tremendous carving control while supplying plenty of surface area for momentum to recover way back in the wave.


 FLIGHTLITE™ V2 Pro Select Lamination
 V.R.T.™ Technology
 Reflex Speedrail
 Epoxy Resin
 FCS Fin Boxes
 Texture Finish
 EPS Core
 Flexspine™ Carbon Stringer


 Twin Surf Set


 Deluxe Surf Pad + P5 Techno Grip™ Traction v2