Phase 5 Chip w/ Nova Wakefoil Package | Sale!

by Phase 5 Wakesurfing
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The Phase Five Chip Foil Board is our smallest available deck is the foil range. The Chip is our most responsive, highly maneuverable foil board. Foil sensitivity and direct feel is greatly enhanced by eliminating the swing weight with a reduced sized deck. The Chip harnesses plenty of volume nose to tail for buoyancy to keep foiling and effectively rebounds off the water during a touchdown. Equipped with foot straps for advanced foiling and glassed with our high end FLEXtec v2 system for unmatched strength and durability. The Chip utilizes an adjustable 10.75" long reinforced track mount system for the hydrofoil. 

Construction Features:

  • FLEXtec V2 Lamination
  • Flexspine Carbon Stringer
  • Epoxy Resin
  • Texture Finish
  • Footstrap Inserts
  • Foil Mounts


The Phase Five Nova Surf Foil Package features a 28" Mast paired with a 760 Front Wing and 42 CM Rear Wing. The Nova package is made with an aluminum plate, mast, and fuselage. The wings are constructed with carbon fiber. This material combination delivers awesome value and performance. The Phase Five Nova Foil package provides the best of both worlds in foiling. It has the slow speed lift and pumpability to cruise the tiniest of waves while providing high speed performance to charge hard. In addition, the 760 Front Wing delivers ideal side-to-side stability which is an essential feature for first time foilers. If you are learning to foil for the first time, we highly recommend picking up our optional short 18" mast. The short mast cuts the learning curve down in half, and gets the rider flying above the water with confidence in no time. Once the rider can foil on the short 18" mast steadily, it's time to swap it out with the included 28" mast for the full experience. 

  • 760 front wing increases overall lift and stability
  • 28" aluminum alloy mast
  • Aluminum alloy fuselage with 2 front wing position options
  • Light weight carbon front and rear wing finish
  • Titanium hardware kit for reducing corrosion
  • Neoprene wing covers and compartmentalized carry case