Motorguide Safari 2-Blade Black Prop 3.5'' Hub 8M0028330


    Motorguide Safari 2-Blade Black Prop With 3.5'' Hub #702-8M0028330

    • Application: Weedless & Power It's all about quiet power in the weeds. As Terry "Big Show" Scroggins puts it, "You know what I like about the new Safari prop? Everything. It's quiet. It's smooth. And best of all, the special new blade design won't let a single stalk of vegetation stick to it. Which means I spend more time fishing, and no time pulling my trolling motor out of the water to pull the weeds off it." Motorguide makes it simple to upgrade your trolling motor prop to the Safari Weedless, or any other upgraded propeller, because our lower units are standardized at 3.5".*