Fatsac Mega Zeppelin Boat Bumper | Redesigned for Fatsac Branding now | Some Sizes on Pre-Order Basis

by Fat Sac

Sizes Available:

The Mega Zeppelin Bumper acts as a protective barrier for your boat. Defend your watercraft from dents, dings and scratches from docks and other boats. Provides collision protection for boats and docks caused by wind, waves, watercrafts and people. Creates the perfect buffer between boats when tied to other vessels.

  • Marine Grade Reinforced 1280 PVC Construction
    Durable and long lasting, designed to withstand massive marine compression
  • Inflatable design
    Rigid when inflated, deflates down for easy, compact storage
  • Handpump Included
    Upgrade to electric iPUMP for handsfree inflation
  • 2 Heavy Duty D rings on each end
    Easily connect your boat with others or docks safely
  • Repair Kit
    Valve wrench, glue, reinforced PVC and instructions included
  • 10' long x 20 wide"
  • NOT designed for towing or long-term mooring applications
  • Will have Fatsac logo on from now on, due to manufacturing, most party bumpers will have 2 colors and now fatsac logo on them