Fatsac Party Bumper XL 15'

by Barefoot International
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The FatSac 15' Inflatable Bumper works great to protect your boat from scratches dents and dings during boat tie ups & lake parties but also will protect your when pulling up to or chilling at the dock. This Monster of a bumper can be hung off the side of the boat or off the side of the dock. Inflate & hang bumpers from the side of the dock, you can leave them hanging all day so you don't have to worry when your boats on the dock whether you stopped to grab some lunch or just to pick up more friends & grab more gear to keep on wakeboarding or wake surfing! All bumpers, from the 22" mini to the 15’ monster, can be easily deflated and stored out of sight! - CUSTOMIZE YOUR BUMPER! - Want friends to easily find your dock or boat? Want to stand out? Or want your bumper to better match your boat? * GO CUSTOM! * Our 15' bumper is great for adding custom prints! Bumpers can be custom printed with names / logos / designs / photos We can print almost any color or image you can think of! (some restrictions apply – contact your dealer for details & pricing) DETAILS 15’ feet long x 20” diameter UV resistant material and ink. Made from the same durable high strength material as our Fat Sacs. Seams are welded and taped for extra durability Bumper has 2 cleats, 1 on each end for hanging Includes 2 of the 5’ foot rope extensions to hang the bumper FatSac Bumpers can be hung off the side of a boat or the side of a dock Bumpers are inflated through the Halkey-Roberts air valve fitting. FatSac air pumps work best to fill the bumpers however bumpers can be filled with any air pump. IMPORTANT – FatSac Bumpers are to be used only for boat tie ups and docks ONLY. They are NOT meant to be used for towing, to stop a boat at high speeds, or as a flotation device!