Mission Boat Gear DELTA Wakesurf Shaper 2.0 | 2020


    The industries first suction-based wakeshaper just got an upgrade with even better, surf-all-day performance.

    The DELTA 2.0 wakesurf shaper features RipFlow™ Technology that delivers enhanced wave cleanup performance by inducing more turbulence than ever before. This means a competition-class wave in the most efficient way possible.


    DELTA 2.0 creates the perfect competition-class wave for wakesurfing, now with RipFlow™ Technology that further improves performance on larger boats. Every aspect of DELTA was thoughtfully designed from the ground up with wakesurfing in mind and optimized to float.

     All of DELTA’s materials were meticulously selected to provide high performance and durability. DELTA is proudly manufactured in the USA.


    DELTA 2.0 features RipFlow™ Technology, a contoured front panel with engineered side vents, that delivers enhanced wave cleanup performance by inducing more turbulence than large solid panel and wedge styled wakeshapers with zero compromises.

    Small is the new big. Larger flat panels put more stress on the boat which increases steering problems, fuel consumption, and splashing without increasing wave performance.


    Another industry first from the company that started it all.

    Limited Lifetime and Single-loss Guarantee for one year. If you lose it in the first year, we will replace for free. If it breaks, we’ll send you a new part no questions asked.

    International shipping charges not included. Registration required. 

    Additional benefits:

    • Universal design compatible with most inboard boats
    • More flexibility in mounting locations on complex boat hulls
    • Switch sides in seconds for regular or goofy wake surfers 
    • Enhanced performance on larger boats over 23 feet
    • Less steerage at low speeds with minimal splashing
    • Now with Limited Lifetime Warranty