HO Sports Chaise Multi-Lounge Leisure Tube | 2023 | Pre-Order

by HO Sports


Sizes Available: 79in x 61in dimensions, 11in Thick

The Chaise Multi-Lounger is the water float that’ll have you chilling in style this summer. With 2 cupholders and an ergonomic shape designed to take you to your happy place, the Chaise Multi-lounger is the perfect place for 2 people to spend the sunny afternoon. The Pull & Go Valve makes for easy inflation and deflation...no more pinching and holding those annoying beach ball valves. Made from 100% Recycled Heavy-Duty PVC material, all HO Sports’ pool floats are more environmentally sustainable that other lounge floats. Sit back, relax and enjoy the fresh air on the Chaise Multi-Lounger from HO Sports.

  • 100% Recycled PVC
    Utilize discarded PVC material for the world's first 100% Recycled PVC float
  • 70% Thicker than standard lounge floats
    More durable to puncture
  • Two Cup Holders
    Room for multiple beverages
  • Pull & Go Valves
    No more valve pinching and waiting, just pull tab to deflate.
  • Link Lanyard Connection Point
    Connect multiple floats together
  • 90 Day Limited Warranty