Attwood LED Oval Spot/Underwater Light 3" 6343SS-7


Attwood LED Oval Spot/Underwater Light 3" #23-6343SS7

  • Oval Lights are 3/4" wide and are perfect for surface mounting on rails, transoms, and swim platforms. These LED lights exceed the output of comparable halogen lights while using 20% of the power. Lights stay cool to touch and eliminate the burn hazard that halogen lighting can present. Fully potted electronics and stainless steel housing allow for interior and exterior mounting - even underwater! Rated for 50,000+ hours of life.
  • For 12-VDC systems.
  • 10 year manufacturer warranty.
  • Oval light with horizontal and vertical mount bezels.
  • Horizontal mount - 2.95"L x 0.7"W x 0.63"H; Vertical mount - 2.9"L x 0.86"W x 0.63"H