Inland Surfer Inka 4-6 | 2019

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Inland Surfer’s Ika Wakesurfer / Accessories sold separately

This entry-level board, is awsome for beginner to intermediate riders! Our compression molded board offers a wider, modified swallow tail, for stability and response. The tail delivers a quick release and pop off the wave, as well as a stable down-the-line speed, using STEPtech. This rounded blunt nose board is very forgiving, while working those bottom turns. These features make the Ika a great board for learning and perfect for any Surf Boat.

Ability level: Beginner to Intermediate

Rider weight range: 70 to 200+ lbs. depending on wake size.

Size: 4’6” x 20” x 1” – 8 lbs.

Fins: includes two 2.3” Delta Skim fins.

This board allows the fin to be placed in 3 different position:

Center fin placement, is a standard position.

Forward fin placement, gives a looser feel in turns.

Rear fin placement, stiffens movements of the board.