Inland Surfer Black Pearl 4-8 | 2019

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Back Pearl Skim / Accessories sold separately

The Black Pearl has been on competitive Wakesurf podiums around the world! Offered in an authentic, dark Makore Wood Loc, with a Hawaiian inspired pattern for this season’s line up. This was the first epoxy skim style Wakesurfer, designed specifically for Wakesurfing and has remained a Wakesurfing favorite. It brings a unique blend of surf style characteristics and multiple fin setups. Adjust how loose the tail is for surface spins, or lock it in with dual fins for surf performance. This is a proven board for spins, shuvits, snaps, and airs. The versatility is unmatched in the twin-tip pintail class.

Ability level: Beginner to Pro.

Rider weight range: 80 to 200+ lbs., depending on wake size.

Size: 4’ 8” x 20.5” x 1” and 6.5 lbs.

Deck Pads: Front and rear, flat and arched, deck inserts included.

Fins: Includes one S-One, 1.2”, skim fin.

Single fin configuation: considered Advanced to Pro Skim style.

Additional fin configuration options are available, at additional cost. Variations in fin type and setup will increase or decrease the difficulty of this board (adding additional S-Ones or Delta fins), giving the rider more tracking.

Dual fin configuation: considered beginner to Intermediate Surf style.

Tri fin configuation: Beginner to intermediate Surf style.