Hyperlite Majik Karpet Board W/ Armstrong HS850 Foil Kit Package | 2023

by Hyperlite

Speed is everything with control, the new HS850 delivers both! Sleek and sexy lines let you know that this wing is sporty and refined at the same time. This relatively small wing has a huge range, it handles high speeds easily and has enough glide and lift to pump.  

This is a sick wing for solid surf, Kiting and wing foiling… The combination of its performance attributes give it range and that range makes it versatile. Developed with Kiwi powerhouse Bevan Gooch who is known for ripping in big surf, he reckons the only limitation of this wing is how far the rider dare push it!

Sweet handling and pitch control are signature features of that unique Armstrong feeling, the HS850 is another sublime addition to the HS range of wings


This is it, a new foil board shape and complete foil assembly designed to keep up with Noah Flegel and his amazing waterman talents. Minimum volume in the Majik Karpet board shape provides unlimited maneuverability making it easier to perform advanced tricks and pump effortlessly for additional push and speed. Full carbon construction creates a lightweight wing assembly, truly an advanced rider's preference for top end foil boarding.