Hyperlite Majik Karpet Board W/ Armstrong HS625 Foil Kit Package | 2023

by Hyperlite

HS625 Foil Kit

It has amazing speed and stability so you can carve with confidence at high speeds. If you are pushing your limits in the waves this is what you need for towing into bigger waves and swells. For Kite foiling it’s our highest performer, it’s not a race wing but it’s super fast, smooth with great response and overall performance.


This is it, a new foil board shape and complete foil assembly designed to keep up with Noah Flegel and his amazing waterman talents. Minimum volume in the Majik Karpet board shape provides unlimited maneuverability making it easier to perform advanced tricks and pump effortlessly for additional push and speed. Full carbon construction creates a lightweight wing assembly, truly an advanced rider's preference for top end foil boarding.