Fliteboard 5-8 Regular Model Wake E-Foil Package | 2021 | Pre-Order


Fliteboard Regular W/Board Bag:

 -5'8" x 28" x 4.375" x 100 L 


The Iconic Fliteboard is our #1 best seller. It's great for sharing and can quickly be adjusted for performance. Turn rivers, lakes and oceans into your personal playground.

Comes standard with the Cruiser Wing and Cruiser Stabilizer 1100 too, unless specified by customer. 

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Ships only within the Continental U.S.

Experience the Magic

Fliteboard is very easy to learn,
yet highly engaging and exhilarating. The feeling of flying above the water is difficult to compare to anything else. Fliteboard can be ridden on lakes, rivers, bays and in the ocean.

More than 200 configurations can
be customised and built to your
buyers individual preference. Designed with purpose using only
the best materials, workmanship
and the ultimate attention to detail. Fliteboard brings together Technology, Science and Art to offer a supremely elegant craft and a user friendly experience.


Our most popular board flows strong, always at your pace

There’s a reason most people ride Fliteboard. It’s the multi-tool of eFoils. Whether you want to take your dog for a ride or push the limits in waves – Fliteboard suits the widest range of skill levels and conditions.

It doesn't get better than this

Share the joy


Teach family or share with friends.


20 virtual gears


Find your own limit – from gentle cruising to eye-watering speed. All at your fingertips.


Premium Construction


Aircraft-grade aluminium with Carbon Innegra for lightweight, strength and rigidity. Built to perform under pressure.


Lovingly crafted by hand


We treat each Fliteboard that leaves our Byron Bay factory as a bespoke work of art. No wonder it’s displayed at the Red Dot Design Museum.


Volume up


Comfortably supports 100kgs of neutral buoyancy before take off.


Just the right size


The sweet spot for most riders. Short enough for performance, long enough for stability and freedom.


You see Series 2…

for us, it’s probably Series 200

We’re passionate about design that works. There isn’t one aspect of Fliteboard that hasn’t kept us up at night thinking about how we can make it better. Fliteboard forms the basis for each and every improvement. You may not notice every subtle change, but you will feel the difference.


Perfectly proportioned

The standard Fliteboard is perfectly proportioned to get even heavy riders up and planing quickly, while being light and nimble with clean touchdowns.


A smooth ride calls for even smoother materials

Crafted with Carbon Innegra and ash timber – a premium wood we chose thanks to its strength, beautiful pale hue, and velvety texture – each hand-cut plank is laid, sanded, sealed and vacuum bagged before being shaped and finished with our signature black carbon underside. This is luxury that looks and feels as comfortable in the water as it does atop a Wally Yacht.


Virtual gears make learning a breeze

Our patented Virtual Gears system lets you balance the board and not the trigger.

Interchangeable wings.
From slow travel to life in the fast lane.

We recommend the Cruiser 1100 wing for all-round versatility, unless you want the Flyer wing for extra speed. The Flow 1300 will give you more manoeuvrability for a surfy feel. There are countless wing combinations to adapt your ride as you progress.


Everything rides on this

Flite wings are designed specifically for eFoiling by expert hydrodynamicists. Unmatched subsurface design creates the ultimate ride.

Expanded wing range

The future of eFoiling now

With ten wings and four stabilisers to choose from, there are endless combinations for riders to reach new levels. If you’re new to Fliteboarding, start with the Cruiser 1100 and work your way from there.



Cruiser range

The Cruiser Range is all about stability. Larger wings allow for earlier foiling at slower speeds. Advanced riders can take advantage of the extra glide to ride swells without the use of the motor.


Speeeed range

These wings come to life at higher speed. Perfect for controlled carving. Just like snowboarding without the frostbite.


A very popular wing that offers high speeds and more responsiveness. The go-to wing for intermediate and advanced riders looking to carve hard and push their top speed.


Flow range

These high aspect wings are loose and manoeuvrable. Ride waves, or ride rivers like a wave.


Flow S range

The Flow S range is the lower aspect version of the Flow range, with increased roll rate for a crazy loose ride but with safer wing tips (at the expense of glide).


Fine tune your ride

A range of stabilisers are available including: Flite 290 (most popular), Flow 245, Race 200 and Flite 500.



Flite 500

Our largest, most stable stabiliser wing. Designed to accompany the Cruiser 1800 Wing, but can also work with the Cruiser 1100 wing for increased pitch stability.