Perko Battery Switch 1, 2, All, Off, Keyed w/AFD 8504-DP

by Perko


    Perko Battery Switch 1, 2, All, Off, Keyed w/Alternator Field Disconnect #9-8504DP
      • Size: 5-1/4" Dia x 2-5/8"
      • Locking. Medium Duty.
      • For use with two or more batteries and single or dual engine systems.
      • Permits selection between batteries for starting and charging or operation of both batteries in parallel.
      • They allow addition of an extra battery for use with accessories.
      • The "OFF" position also acts as an emergency disconnect in the event of an electrical problem.
      • Ignition protected.
      • Surface mount.
      • For use with systems under 50 volts. Capacity - 250 amps continuous, 360 amps intermittent.
      • Alternator Field Disconnect (AFD) Models, when used with non-utilized alternators, these models will interrupt the field current (reducing the possibility of damage) if turned "OFF" with the engine running.