Fatsac Fender | 2023

by Barefoot International
$69.99 $79.00
You save 11% ($9.01)

• Dimensions are L23” x W8” x H5” and all edges are rounded and tapered.

• FatSac is introducing a new Black Fender.

• Made from EVA closed cell foam which allows it to float. (cannot be used in place of a PFD) • FS Fender is the most versatile Fender on the market and can be used on boats, pontoons, piers, decks, and deck pilings.

• The FS Fenders versatility allows you to hang or strap in a multitude of ways.

• Comes with a 5’ foot rope with 8’ loops to hang or tie down.

• The FS Fender is UV resistant, and has a unique surface finish that is textured.

• The weight is 3lbs so it is the most dense and strongest Fender on the market, allowing it to last longer than the competition.