Ducky Revive Gel 8oz D1034

by Ducky

Ducky Revive Gel #643-D1034

  • 8oz
  • The ultimate product for restoration of faded and sun damaged rubber, vinyl and plastic surfaces.
  • This specially formulated polymer emulsion moisturizes, reduces and prevents dry rot and dulling while delivering a deep, dark finish and shine that is resistant to airborne contaminants, water and detergents.
  • No streak, no drip delivers extreme shine and protection restoring beauty to old and faded rubber, plastic and vinyl.
  • Use on faded vinyl, trim, plastic, tires, hoses, molding, bumpers and more.
  • Highly efficient, a little goes a long way!
  • Ultimate restoration of color and beauty.
  • Maximum enhancement.
  • Long lasting UV protection.