What is Rocker and Why Does it Matter?

What is Rocker and Why Does it Matter?

When you are browsing for a new wakeboard, you will probably see a lot of jargon: camber, rocker, speedwall, CarboNet, but what does it all mean? Today, we’re going to look at one specific feature: rocker.

Rocker is, in its most basic form, how the board is curved when placed on a flat surface like a table or bench. There are a three main types of rocker that you should know about: continuous, hybrid, and 3 stage rocker.

Styles of Rocker and How They Change the Ride

Continuous Rocker

The first rocker profile we will discuss is the continuous profile. This profile just means there will be a single curve from the tip to the tail. A wakeboard with a continuous rocker profile will provide a very smooth ride while still being highly predictable. Continuous rocker also makes your board feel consistent.

Continuous Rocker Wakeboard Profile

The single curvature of continuous rocker helps your board cut through the water with less friction which allows you to keep your speed as you approach the wake. If you’re looking for a wakeboard that will take on the wake to flat, continuous rocker is the profile you should consider.

3-Stage Rocker

When you lay a 3-stage rocker board on the ground, the profile will look very different from the continuous rocker profile. When looking at a 3-stage rocker board, the center section of the board will be flat on the ground. At the end of this flat center section, the tip and tail of the board will have a much more aggressive rise angle. This rise angle creates a “bump” or “kink” in the board’s profile. On the wake, the continuous rocker and 3-stage rocker ride very similarly. The difference lies in the pop off the wake.

3 Stage Rocker Wakeboard Profile

A 3-stage rocker will hit the wake and pop creating a wake to wake style of ride rather than wake-to-flat like the continuous rocker profile. The 3-stage rocker profile does create more friction on the water, so a bit of speed will be sacrificed. The trade-off for more friction is an explosive pop off of the wake.

What About The Other Profile Options?

When you shop for a new wakeboard, you may see rocker options like “mellow 3-stage” or “hybrid continuous.” Don’t let the options overwhelm you. Trust in your basic rocker knowledge and see that these are all just small variations of one of the major rocker profiles discussed above.

Hybrid Rocker Wakeboard Profile

These “hybrid” style boards are always pushing to give you the rideability and consistency of a continuous rocker with the charging, aggressive pop of a 3-stage rocker. These profile options can be great for riders that want to do it all from hitting the jump line course to lake and river tow days.

Which Camber Profile is Right For You?

The type of camber that will be best for you can be determined by a few different factors including riding style and experience level. Generally, continuous boards are great for beginners and speedsters alike. The continuous rocker allows you to generate lots of speed in the flat and have a consistent wake approach. Continuous rocker is also great for those riders that want to have that smooth carving Cadillac ride or for the riders that like to get extra sendy and pop way out into the flat off of the wake.

A 3-stage rocker wakeboard is for the rider that loves to pop high up and stomp those big-time aerial tricks. The rocker allows a much higher-arc off of the wake allowing more time for tricks and a softer landing on the opposite side of the wake.

Brass Tax

Now that we’ve taken you through these rocker profiles, here is a quick guide to help you with the basics:

  • Continuous Rocker: Smooth, wake-to-flat arc, consistent carving, less friction = higher speeds

  • 3-Stage Rocker: High arcing, aggressive pop off the wake, wake to wake arc, more friction = less speed in the flat with more pop off the wake

  • Hybrid: The crowd pleasing, do-it-all, quiver killer good for everything from cable parks to river days

Want to learn more about all the rocker options that are available and get set up with the perfect wakeboard package to make your 2018 season a success? Give us a call and one of our wakeboard experts can get you on the right board for your riding style! 

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