So, You're Not Ready For Winter... But Winter is Ready For You.

So, You're Not Ready For Winter... But Winter is Ready For You.

It is no surprise; air temps and water temps keep getting lower every weekend... but we are just like you and are not ready to give up summer quite yet. So we reached out to our awesome customers who are the most hardcore humans we have ever met (especially a certain someone named *cough cough* Dusty who rode this morning with it being 24 degrees out with the windchill)  and asked them what are some tips and tricks on how to continue riding on the days when you spend more time in sweats and a jacket than you do a swimsuit and this is what they had to say... 


Tips and Tricks For Staying Warm While You Are Riding:

O'Neil Pyscho One 4/3 Wetsuit (or any wetsuit at a 4/3) 

O'neil Pyscho Hood 3mm 

O'neil Boost Drysuit

Neoprene Socks

Snow Goggles (there really is a lady out there riding in snow goggles to keep her eyes from watering; this is the dedication we like to see)

Silicon Bathing Cap for Long Hair

Neoprene gloves 

Some people believe that, "warming up the wetsuit on the back swim deck before entering the frigid waters" might help you start your set warm... if you catch what we are saying. 

 Tips and Tricks For Staying Warm While Being On The Boat:

BOAT HEATERS. Seriously game changing.

Blanket that connects to the heaters. 

Sweats, beanies, wool socks, hoodies. And then the boat heaters under all of that.

Do whatever you can to keep the cockpit dry and closed from the wind; use your wind dam and close your front windshield.

Down Jackets. 

Ronix Neo Jacket.


And if all else fails.... try taking your boat towards Southern Utah to try and make your season last longer!

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