What We Know So Far About Indmar's New Eco-Boost Engine

What We Know So Far About Indmar's New Eco-Boost Engine

At this year's Miami boat show, Indmar's Vice President of Business Development, Scott Clack, shared some very exciting news with the crowd that gathered around their booth early Thursday morning.

The same company that brought EFI and catalyzed exhaust to the marine industry is back with the first ever turbocharged marine engine. 

The First (And Only) Turbocharged Marine Engine

The all new Indmar Eco-Boost is truly an engineering marvel. At 2.8 liters, it makes nearly 135 horsepower per liter. After some quick math, that works out to  310 horsepower and 350 ft/lbs of torque all wrapped up into a compact, powerful package. 

Don't Forget About the New Propulsion System

Eco Jet by Indmar

Indmar has also announced the launch of the all new Eco-Jet propulsion system. Eco-Jet simplifies installation and ease of maintenance all while providing superior performance. Couple the Eco-Boost and Eco-Jet and you get a power packed, compact drive system that is sure to smash expectations. 

Want to learn more about Indmar's tech? Give us a call and talk with one of Marine Products' Indmar experts today! 

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