Boat Check: Ken Block’s New, Custom Supra SL 550

Boat Check: Ken Block’s New, Custom Supra SL 550

Recently, Marine Products partnered with Ken Block and his team to create a one-of-a-kind custom Supra SL 550 perfect for his entire crew! This particular supra was built out with a ton of great features to make it a head turner on and off the water. From the 6.2L Roushcharged V8 Raptor 575 motor by Indmar powering this beast, to the custom wrap, this is one of our favorite custom builds to date.

The Beast Inside

Roushcharged 6.2L V8 by Indmar

The 2018 Supra SL 550 build started out with the upgrade of one of the best marine engines in the game: the 6.2L Roush Supercharged V8 Raptor 575 motor by Indmar. This motor lays down an astonishing 580 ft/lbs of torque and has 527 horsepower. This motor has the power to take on any rider profile, at any speed, with any wake shape and comes with a 5 year factory warranty.

This is the same state-of-the-art engine powering the F-Series Super Duty Trucks that boasts best-in-class gas mileage, horsepower, and max tow ratings.

Low-RPM Performance

The 6.2L Raptor by Indmar provides best in class torque and horsepower at all RPM ranges. This motor gives you the ability to push the weight demands of the sport while still providing the speed and power you’ve come to expect from Supra boats.

Marine Specific Oil Pan

Something that is truly special about Indmar’s Raptor motor is the marine specific oil pan and pick-up tube. This allows control over how the oil in your motor moves event at high-G turns. With the 575 Raptor by Indmar, you never have to worry about oil starvation again.

Surf Pipe Exhaust

This new exhaust profile boats a carbon monoxide (and other harmful exhaust gasses) reduction of up to 90%. Not only does this option reduce the gasses you inhale as a rider, it also improves the sound of your ride. No more struggling to hear your stereo, but with this 575 from Indmar, you won’t be lacking in sound to begin with.

Appearance Upgrades

Supra Appearance Upgrades

It wouldn’t be a true Marine Products custom without some upgrades. From the interior design to folding tower, this boat is truly designed with the rider in mind.


LED Bar Docking Lights

Getting to the dock after a long day of riding shouldn’t be stressful. We kitted this custom Supra out with LED docking lights to make sure that you can see, and be seen, after dusk or early in the morning.

Underwater Transom Lights

Standing out has never been easier especially when it gets dark. For Ken Block’s new Supra, we made sure that it was outfitted with blue, underwater transom lights to make seeing the wake, even at night, a breeze. You also can’t deny that it sure looks good once the light gets low!


2018 Supra SL Interior

Being behind the wheel of a Supra is truly an original experience. Take a seat in the captain’s chair and you’ll have everything you need to take command of your new Supra.

The Vision Touch Dash

When you activate the new Vision Touch system standard with your new Supra, you can see everything your boat is doing from ballast and surf settings, to diagnostic reports and even queueing up your favorite playlist to blast on your sound system.

Integrated Steering Wheel Controls

A concept that has been around for years in vehicles on the road is making the jump to the marine industry. With integrated steering wheel controls you have access to your stereo, surf, and even your wake plate without ever taking your hands off the wheel.

Power Adjustable Heated Drivers Seat

Setting your height and heat preferences is as easy as setting your preferences on the Vision Touch interface. Even the co-pilot gets the benefit in a new 2018 Supra.


Supra Exterior Upgrades

The FxONE Power Folding Tower

This Supra wouldn’t have been complete without a little bit of added flair to the tower. We opted to install the new FxONE tower in white, but upgraded some pieces with a black to complete the look with the custom wrap. Looking for the perfect color to match your setup? With 11 color options available, the new FxONE is sure to be the perfect upgrade for any new Supra.

Swivel Board Racks by PTMEdge, Standard

One of the best features of this new tower is the standard swivel board racks. The new PTMEdge racks are able to rotate inboard and lock in place to help you get the most space out of your boat while providing easier access to all your favorite boards.

Max Coverage Bimini

The new Supra Bimini system takes the hassle out adding shade to your boat. There are no pins to remove when stowing or deploying and can be easily put on or taken off in minutes.

What about ease of use?

The new Bimini from Supra is so easy you only need one person to stow or deploy! Each piece firmly clicks into place and latches using an internal mechanism.

The Audio System

Ken’s new Supra has been decked out when it comes to audio. Every Supra comes with a standard JL Audio Premium Sound System. For a custom build, this just wasn’t enough for us. In addition to the speakers that come standard with the new Supra SL, we added 2 10” subs and four 8.8” tower speakers to keep the vibes and the tunes going all day long.

AutoWake® 2

Autowake 2

Want to ride a wave like the pros? Autowake 2 is here to make your dreams a reality. The same advancements that propel professional wakeboard and wakesurf athletes comes standard on every Supra!

The second generation AutoWake includes predictive state tech that will actually measure and adjust your ballast settings before you even leave the dock.

Other AutoWake® Features:

  • MEGA VELOCITY BALLAST SYSTEM: This system features six fast-filling ballast pumps, drastically reducing the time it takes to get to the predicted state.

  • CUSTOM RIDER PROFILES: Your personalized wake and wave is always waiting with customizable rider profiles.

  • PREDICTIVE STATE TECHNOLOGY: This all-new innovation senses and fills the ballast to predicted levels to provide a precise wave.

  • PITCH AND ROLL ADJUSTMENT: AutoWake® constantly measures pitch and roll and automatically drains or fills ballast to maintain optimal hull position to produce precise wakes and waves.

Build Your Custom Supra Today!

Want to build your very own custom Supra SL? Click here to get started on your custom boat build! Not sure which Supra is right for you? Give us a call at (801) 973-4017 and one of our boating experts can help walk you through all of your options! 

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